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5" Slash shad

12" Sickle tail

4.25 BugX

Punisher craw

Phantom Shads

GB Swim Shads


Zombie Digits




4.5" Slayer Hawg

Mossy Pumpkin

Laminates are SERIOUSLY good with this bait as even the thinnest appendages will be half and half. Check the close-up out of this recent order of Bullfrog...

What else??? A new flippin' bait!!!! The BUG baits are awesome for when the fish want a subtle bait but when they want action, look no further! Perfect for flippin heavy mats, brush or wood, take the legs off and you have an awesome jig trailer as well. First day on the water, I flipped up my personal best 7.90!! The big profile attracts larger fish but it was surprisingly easy to get this bait through the thickest mats I could find.


8 pack   $3.50

Hawg Colors


16 pack   $6.75

Hawg Colors



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