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Our new slash shad is now available! This bait has some VERY unique features and unique action! First, it looks like a baitfish! The quality of these baits are unsurpassed by anything out there! True 3D eyes that are hand dipped over for durability. The head is slightly fatter for better hook hold and the hook slot is perfect! Also, the tapered, flat tail is very important. This bait glides like a minnow and has a subtle quiver of the tail when falling back down through the water column. Fish inhale this new shad!!! These baits are some of the highest quality stuff we have ever made!!

All baits are a mixture of hand pouring and hand injection. Every single bait is hand dipped, one at a time by me after I add the 3D eyes on to all the baits! Attention to detail is key on these!

Check out our MATCH THE HATCH colors. They will knock your socks off AND fill the livewell!!!!!! If you have a special request to be added, drop me a note!

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8 pack $4.00
(with 3D eyes)

Custom Shad Colors



8 pack $3.75
(without 3D eyes)

Standard Shad Colors


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